Required Documents


You will need a passport valid for more than 6 months after the conclusion of your safari.
Passport must have at least 2 open pages.

Rifle Documentation

If you bring your own rifle, please make sure that all your rifle documentation is in order. (Please see under Rifles and Calibre page).

Airline ticket

Please bring a copy of your airline ticket with you.


South Africa requires no Visas. (Please confirm with your travel agent).

Wish List

We kindly ask that you complete a wishlist form of all the top species you wish to hunt while you are on safari. We will send you the form once your booking is confirmed.


NAHLA Safaris is in a Malaria-free area and no special inoculations are required for this part of South Africa.


Tipping is very routine when hunting in South Africa. We respectfully ask that the hunter leave a tip at their own discretion.

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